Today in this blog we will discuss about Top 10 GitHub Repositories which are very very helpful for Web Developers as a beginner so let’s start….

1 Web developer-roadmap

This web developer roadmap repository contains a path for frontend, backend, and dev ops developers. If you are a beginner and wants to learn Frontend and Backend development step-by-step then these repositories are for you. Detailed explanation given in the Roadmaps.

So, if you’re a beginner then must checkout this amazing repository.

2 30seconds of code

The most popular repository on this list. This repository contains short JavaScript code snippets for developers.

You should definitely take a look at this repository because all the snippets are just amzing and very useful.

Also have a look on this repository.

3 Awesome cheatsheets

Cheatsheets can be very useful. Especially, when you’re in the process of learning something new like a programming language. In this repository some amazing cheat sheets are available like – Frontend, Backend, Database, Tools & so many…

If you’re a beginner then this repository is very very important for you. So plz…i pesonally suggest that must checkout this amazing & useful repository.

4 CSS Protips

The CSS protips repository contains so many Tips & Tricks to improve your CSS skills. The tips on this list help to solve problems that you probably have run into before. All the Tips & Tricks are from beginning to advanced level. So doesn’t matter you’re beginner or a pro…This repository is for all.

So checkout this another amazing repository.

5 33 JS Concepts

The 33 JS Concept contains exactly 33 concepts that every JavaScript developer should know. If you want to master Javascript then this repository is for you. This repository covers some amazing articles & video lectures to help you to learn Javascript concepts in easiest way.

Want to level up your skills in Javascript then must visit this amazing repository.

6 You don’t know JS

This is a series of books diving deep into the mechanisms of the JavaScript language. This series divide into different different editions.

All the books are completely free of charge.

This series of books are for beginners

So must checkout this amazing repository.

7 Frontend Checklist

The Front-End Checklist is an exhaustive list of all elements you need to have or to test before launching your website or HTML page to production..

This repository more focuses on security, tools, prodution e.t.c

Also must checkout this amazing repository.

8 Clean Code JS

Do you know that how to write a clean code ???

If not then this repository is for you. Nowadays this is very important to write a clean code in projects & corporations.

SO if you want to make a Good Developer then you must know that how to write a clean code.

Must checkout this amazing and very useful repository.

9 Free-Programming-Books

This repository has a 179,000+ stars on Github and definitely is one of the most-loved curations there.

So many programming books are available in this repository in different different languages.

If you are looking for learning materials — look no further!
Must visit this amazing repository…

10 Javascript-Questions

This repository created by Lydia Hallie is awesome if you want to test your JavaScript knowledge and/or prepare for a job interview. Lydia constantly adds new questions, so this repository is growing steadily!

So also have a look on this amazing repository.

So, that’s all for today guys 🙂

Hope you guys like this amazing blog post.

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