5 Amazing React libraries to make your App Stand Out!

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React awesome libraries that you should know about!

React has already become an industry standard, but sometimes if you want to implement some new, different, and exciting features, it can get a little tough.

But, again why apply all of this complicated logic if you can just use amazing React libraries? Today, we’ll discuss 5 React 3rd party libraries that’ll make your app stand out.

So, let’s get started!

#5 React Slick Carousel –

How easy can it be to create a simple and minimalistic carousel?

React Slick is an open-source library to create awesome carousels with just a couple of lines of code. Tons of customization, animations, and types that you can use.

Here’s a Codesandbox example.

Awesome React Libraries that you should Know About

#4 React Particles –

React Particles gives an amazing background particle effect that will just change the way your website looks.

It has many effects that you can create and customize using this library. With the help of just a few lines of code.

This library can be implemented in not only React but also various JS frameworks like Angular, Vue, Preact, Svelte, etc.

Here’s a Codesandbox example.

Awesome React Libraries that you should Know About

#3 React Hook Form –

We’ve already created a tutorial for this amazing form library, check it out here.

To give you a brief idea of what exactly it is, React Hook Form is a powerful library for handling forms in React based on React Hooks.

In just a few lines of code, you can handle form, its validations, and much more advanced features. Also, it’s the lightest library.

You can also use Yup Schema with React Hook Form for more advanced validations.

Here’s a basic implementation of React Hook Form.

Awesome React Libraries that you should Know About

#2 GranimJS –

GranimJS is again a fun and amazing library to have beautifully animated background gradients.

This library was just for plain JavaScript and JQuery, but now it’s also available as an NPM Package and can be used by React.

Check out Codesandbox for simple implementation.

Awesome React Libraries that you should Know About

#1 Framer Motion –

If you want to add amazing 3D or 2D animations to make your website stand out, this library is what you need to know!

Framer Motion it’s a powerful library with awesome animation features. To give your website a premium and smooth look and feel, this library is a must.

Here’s a simple implementation of Framer-Motion.

Awesome React Libraries that you should Know About

Do you know any interesting React libraries that are not known much and are worth trying out? Let us know in the comments below!

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