10 Skills To Get Your 1st Job As a Frontend Developer

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1. First start learning HTML/CSS from basics to advanced level

2. Next step is to learn Javascript/Jquery

3. Now it’s time to switch on FameworksCSS Framewok ( Bootstrap )

4. 4th step is to learn Javascript Frameworks ( Angular, React) ( Learn any one of them ) SUGGESTION : React JS

5. This is very important step ( Specially For Beginners ) –Responsive Design

6. 6th step is to have knowledge about Version Control / Git

7. Very very important step ….Testing / Debugging

8. Browser Developer Tools is very main step for Web Developers

9. 9th step is to learn about CSS PreprocessorsSASS,LESS,SCSS

10. Last step to become a good Frontend Developer is – Web Performance & Command Line

So, These are the 10 Steps to become a good Frontend Web Developer & get your 1st Job as a Frontend Developer.

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