5 Best Useful Websites For Web Developers & Designers

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Hlo guys, so today in this blog i’ll talk about top 5 amazing websites for web designers & developers. If you’re a beginner then these all 5 websites are very very important for you. So make sure to once checkout all these amazing websites to improve your skills & be a good developer.

01. 30 Seconds of code :

30 seconds provides high-quality learning resources for developers of all skill levels in the form of snippet collections in various programming languages since its inception in 2017. Today, 30 seconds consists of a community of over 250 contributors and more than 10 maintainers, dedicated to creating the best short-form learning resources for software developers. Our goal is to make software development more accessible and help the open-source community grow by helping people learn to code for free.

So must checkout this amazing website once.


02. Frontend Mentor :

Frontend Mentor is a must for those who are looking to practice and enhance their frontend skills. You’ll get cool challanges to improve your skills. If you’re a beginner then this website is for you, on this website you’ll different types of awesome landing pages which are made using HTML, CSS & Javascript. U’ll take a challenge and create these amazing landing pages or templates using HTML, CSS & Javascript & submit your code to the website…doing this practice you’ll definitely enhance your frontend development skills. So must explore this super website and improve your frontend web development skills.


03. Code My UI :

This website is very simple and it provides some awesome snippets which you can use in your projects. CodeMyUI is a really cool repository for CSS snippets, HTML elements and Javascript snippets. If you’re a beginner and wants to level up your HTML & CSS skills then must checkout this amazing website. There are different-different types of code snippets available…you can choose anyone of them and try to understand the code or also try to create a clone so that u can easily leel up your skills.


04. The Odin Project :

The Odin Project is open source and is the best for beginners or those who have tried other resources without success, who want to work as a web developer. This website is also very very useful for web developers to level up their skills. You’ll fnd some awesome content here so make sure to checkout this amazing website too.


05. Shortcuts.design :

Shortcuts.design is a small website that lists every shortcut a designer ever wants to know, all design apps in one place, and in a simple & clear way. It’s very useful for web designers to quickly charge their workflow.


For More Details Watch Our YouTube Tutorial :

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